Fairfield Village Hall Safeguarding


Our Village Hall Committee takes Safeguarding seriously.

We expect all users of our Village Hall to abide by our Code of Behaviour.

The trustees have adopted a safeguarding policy and have identified a lead Trustee for Safeguarding issues.

Our safeguarding Representative is         Will Shorthouse Email: safeguarding@fvh.org.uk

We are not safeguarding professionals but we will:

✓Listen calmly

✓Keep notes

✓Ring for advice & support

We are not in a position to:


➢Challenge or discuss anything with parties involved

➢Promise complete confidentiality – as we are duty bound to pass on reported concerns

If you need to report a child protection issue, please contact

the ‘Family Front Door’ on 01905 822666.

To report an adult safeguarding concern Tel: 01905 768053.